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Audi TT – Accident 28.02.2022

I heard that 2020 and 2021 were sucky years, well 2022 announces to be apocalyptic. There is that whole thing with war in Ukraine, and so on, but last week’s omen was even worse.

On 28.02.2022 around 8h10, on my way to work from Keispelt direction Schoenfels on the CR102 the unthinkable happened. A grey Golf GTI, travelling in the opposite direction, decided to overtake another vehicle. That’s steeply uphill, on a dangerous road with low visibility. When you drive there regularly, you know not to overtake there. I don’t even understand why technically overtaking is even allowed there.

As soon as I saw what was coming, I hit the bakes, so did he. We both did evasive manoeuvres: he back into his lane, me against the guard rail. We hit nevertheless: Essentially we hit driver side tyre against driver side tyre. I have erroneously said in the past that it was a frontal impact, it was not really.

I kept my calm, honestly, I am amazed by it myself. After all, we’re talking about the car I have driven half of my life. Not my adult life: my life. A fit of anger would have been understandable, but of course, totally misplaced.

Regardless, I post the pictures here again, but won’t link to this entry. I showed this enough on social media already. The reason is that I control this platform and as such, I am not dependent on the finicky antics of social media sites. This way, it will be easier to preserve this event for posterity.