Curriculum Vitæ

Personal Information

Name Willekens
First names Jorg Anscher
Nationality Luxembourgish
Born 22 December 1976 in Antwerp, Belgium
Address 65a, Rue de Kehlen
L-8295 Keispelt
Telephone +352/27400022
Cell phone +352/691/761222
Marital status Married

Professional Experience

  • Centre national de littérature (March 2016 to present)
    • IT specialist
  • DNX Network sàrl (March 2009 to February 2016)
    • System and network engineer
    • Achievements
      • Debian GNU/Linux administration
      • Packaging for internal Debian apt server
      • Xen virtualisation
      • NetApp SAN technology
      • HP Bladecenter technology
      • IBM Bladecenter technology
      • IBM SAN technology
      • Reductive Labs Puppet training
      • Management of Virtual Private Networks
      • Deployment using Webistrano/Capistrano
      • Supporting company internal network (Windows/Linux)
      • Acquisition of hardware and software
      • Licensing compliance (Windows/Office/…)
  • euroscript Delt Luxembourg S.A. (September 2006 to February 2009)
    • Architect and consultant
    • Achievements
      • CGI in C on Debian/Linux doing language coverage
      • Adobe Flex training
      • EMC2 Captiva InputAccel training
      • Wrote several prototypes for bids
      • escæpe Webtop-based content management project
      • SAP interface for escæpe
      • Management Reporting for escæpe
  • Lycée Technique d’Ettelbruck (January 2005 to September 2006)
    • Intern Teacher
    • Achievements
      • Followed pedagogical courses
      • Wrote several courses on IT-topics for teenagers
      • Pascal programming classes
  • Fujitsu Consulting (December 1998 to December 2004)
    • Analyst/Programmer and consultant
    • Achievements
      • Lead programmer on the Fortis e-Banking project
      • Senior programmer at Le Foyer (insurance company)
      • Programmer at DZ Bank International for two e-Banking projects
      • Junior programmer for the State Laboratory document management system
      • Held internal Java training
      • Launched the Java language in the Luxembourgish branch of the company


  • European School Kirchberg, Luxembourg
    • European Baccalaureate (6 July 1994)
  • University of Antwerp
    • Rijksunversitair Centrum Antwerpen
      • Computer Science: Candidate diploma (4 July 1996)
    • Universitaire Instelling Antwerpen
      • Computer Science: Licentiate (16 September 1998)

Information Technology Skills and Experience

  • Operating systems: Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Solaris, HP-UX, Windows NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7
  • Networking hardware: Cisco, Juniper
  • Virtualisation technologies: Xen, KVM, Oracle VirtualBox, VMWare Server
  • Shell scripting: bash, ksh, sh, perl.
  • Monitoring: Icinga, Nagios, Munin
  • Programming Languages: Java (J2EE), JavaScript, C/C++, Adobe Flex, Pascal, SQL, PL/PSQL
  • Deployment tools: Webistrano/Capistrano
  • Analysis: UML & Use Cases
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL (Percona, MariaDB), Oracle, Sybase
  • Application servers: Tomcat, Websphere, BEA Weblogic
  • Development Environments: Eclipse, IBM Websphere Application Developer, Visual Age for Java, JBuilder, Delphi, Visual Studio
  • Tagged languages: HTML, XHTML, XML, DTD, CSS, PHP, JSP
  • Content management systems: WordPress, Mediawiki, Alfresco, EMC2 Documentum, EMC2 Captiva
  • Versioning systems: CVS, Git, Subversion, Harvest, PCVS, Sourcesafe
  • Productivity applications:, Microsoft Office
  • Miscellaneous: Apache, Asterisk, Bind, Bugzilla, OpenVPN, OpenLDAP, Puppet, Redmine, Sendmail, OpenWebmail, GPG


Spoken Written Read
Dutch Mother tongue Mother tongue Mother tongue
French Excellent Excellent Excellent
English Good Good Good
German Good Some Good
Luxembourgish Good n/a Good

Private life

  • I enjoy reading.
  • I enjoy cooking.
  • I enjoy snowboarding.
  • I support Open Source projects financially, including OpenBSD, and OpenWebmail.
  • I run two OpenBSD servers for family and friends.
  • I have my own little “datacenter” at home, running Linux, Xen, Icinga monitoring, and more.