Rumors of its death have been greatly exaggerated.


Yes, it cost me an arm an a leg. Yes, it is more than “just repaired”. At this point, I decided it should be restored to its former glory. It’s an actual full repaint, and I let repair pretty anything that came to light. The hatchback was also replaced so that the spoiler could be done away with. As such the car is back in it’s original state. All rust it had is gone.

The work was done by Carrosserie De Cock. They did outstanding work, including telling me where the Audi dealership did sloppy repairs on the bodywork. I don’t think I’ll ever go to my dealership again for bodywork.

Now I first need to get it through technical inspection again, as it expired last week. Then, I’ll have to get it appreciated by the insurance and in the long run, I’ll get the interior and the rims redone. The boss from Carrosserie De Cock told me he would have loved to redo the rims, but he had already exceeded the budget.

For now it’s back in my garage and awaits new adventures in its well deserved retirement.