First post

My wife asked me to get her a blog.  Obviously, I could simply have pointed her to or, but what’s the fun in that, right?  I have, so why not simply give her a wordpress under, right?  That should look “cool” to even the least technical person out there, right?

Infrastructure?  I have infrastructure.  I made use my DNS servers.  Then I simply created another Xen DomU on my lab server and installed wordpress and mysql-server from the repositories.  I have to admit, that setting it up is really easy, once you actually understand what goes where.  Next time, I swear, it will only take the promised 5 minutes.

The main complication was that all my infrastructure is behind an OpenBSD server.  I usually don’t run apache/php or any other cgi-based stuff on that machine, because I’m slighty paranoid.  Well, after looking into Apache reverse proxies, I had my solution right there.  Of course, you need to adapt your wordpress for that, by setting bothe WP_HOME and WP_SITEURL to the effective url, you’ll be using.  I really don’t understand why these package can’t simply keep all generated url relative.  Is that so hard to do?

Well, it seems to work now.  Well, it wasn’t really planned, but there you go: I have a “blog”.  Ain’t I hip?


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  1. ryan

    hi slashdot still has trolls and i read the articles sometimes though i find it hard to be smart and talented seeming online anymore.

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