Update: 2015-05-06 16h17

Just to make this entirely clear: I am not affiliated with LuxTrust.  Requesting an email forward would require full trust of me, and you shouldn’t do this.

With the 15th anniversary of Gandi, I got a few free and very low cost domains.  Obviously, I wanted to use up all the coupons, and one of them was a .me for free.  I tried, because, well .me work well with verbs and, surprise, it was still available.
So, I decided to grab it and use the email forwarding function.  You see, I do not think that a company handling your identity should communicate over email with you.  Even worse, the way it’s implemented, I think that LuxTrust should not even have your email or phone.  That’s the work of the banks who do the hard work of verifying the identity.  This information does not identify you, and can easily change over the timespan their products are used.  Phone numbers change, email addresses expire…  The only acceptable way is by postal way, confirmed by the bank where you asked the product.

Anyway, gives me 1000 forwards.  I used up exactly one for now.  Should you want your own little forwards, feel free to drop me a mail and I’ll give you one free of charge.  First come, first served, of course.  (For those who don’t know: an email forward, is an email address that “forwards” all email incoming to a certain address, to one or more different email addresses.)

On the other hand, if you do so, you have to trust me because – let’s face it – if I can set up a forward to your email, I can set up a forward to your and my email and you’d be none the wiser.  Obviously, I won’t do that, but you can never be sure.

The only reason I do it is to piss off LuxTrust, but I’m like that.