You want me to blacklist you on Facebook? Here is the recipe

I’m quite a tolerant guy.  Really, I know, it’s hard to believe.  There is one thing you can do to anger me on social networks, and that’s deleting my comments.  Yes, I know it’s your thread and you are master and commander of it.  It’s still not okay.  Sure, I make tasteless jokes, but you knew that since you friended me.  I also make thoughtful contributions.  Deleting either one is simply disrespectful.
I took the time to write something in your thread, to make people laugh or to make people think.  You delete that, you are directly disrespecting me.

So, my unwritten and, up until now, never published directive is: “You delete my comment, you get removed from my view”.  There is no trial, there is no discussion.  It’s what happens.  Do note this is not me censoring you: It is protecting you from me.  You clearly can’t handle my comments, so I won’t bother making them and, given I don’t see you, I won’t be tempted to contribute to your threads.  Your freedom of expression remains, I just chose to ignore your expression.  You did not grant me the same courtesy.

To achieve this technically, I do not use the “block” functionality.  Instead, I add that person to the “restricted” list and then “unfollow” them.  (Technically, I could use the “acquaintances” list for this, instead of unfollowing)  It’s as good as blocking, but without the person noticing.  From their point of view, everything is as before, just it isn’t.

That’s it.  Now you know.  I know many of you won’t agree with this policy, but I won’t delete your comment if you say so.

One thought on “You want me to blacklist you on Facebook? Here is the recipe

  1. Michael

    Hello Jorg,
    I finally was able to find out your blog and related post by myself!
    In fact, I totally agree with you.

    I had some friends who deleted my posts and was not happy about that.
    I thought I would never do that.
    But I had to…
    Sometimes your wife reads the post and then you can’t sleep in your bed.


    Finally the idea is not to delete the post, to explain sth or whatever.

    The idea is finally either I stop submitting some new posts on fb, or I manage groups and so on.
    The ideal solution for me was to simply “delete” my fb account. But since I have to follow up some groups for the hobbies of my children this is simply not an option.
    Since some children (certainly more than “13” since it is what is stated by fb, but still I am sure they have done 3 times the same class at school) read my post and can make some jokes about them at my daughters school I also have to pay attention.

    Finally your blog is more than interesting: it makes us thinking, better than all the lessons we read on the internet. And preventing some problems with children is more than important.

    The conclusion is that I was always postponing fb group management, as I was always postponing hdd cartoons backup. Till the day it raises issues…


    ps: I will certainly manage groups AND stop posting so much ;-)

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